Sunday, January 9, 2011


Band: Overmars
Genre: Atmospheric Sludge, Sludge/Doom

Country: France

Overmars are a criminally underrated sludge/doom metal band with their own twist of a haunting atmosphere. They made one track on Affliction that was totally made for a horror film soundtrack. Affliction... is a 12-track long album with concept-themed interludes spaced between the main songs, while Born Again is a 40 minute single song album which is one haunting and torturous trip (in a good way, of course). Both albums are strong on their own, all containing a vicious guttural vocalist, great keyboards, repetitive and hard-hitting guitars, pummeling drums with interesting fills here and there.

Affliction, Endocrine...Vertigo (2005)
Born Again (2007)
Buy (Affliction)
Buy (Born Again)
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The Hosemobile - What Can and Can't Go On (1999)

Band: The Hosemobile
Genre: Math-Rock
Country: USA

So sad that this band broke up little more than a decade ago, they had so much potential. Truly a great album that had its influence on well-known bands I'm sure. If you like math rock, I seriously recommend this.

Buy (for a real cheap price of 4 DOLLARS)

Blckwvs - 0130 (2009)

Band: Blckwvs (or Blackwaves)
Genre: Atmospheric Sludge Metal/Post-Metal
Country: Germany


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Welcome to My New Blog

Welcome, those that are here. This blog will be dedicated to only bring the best quality music, and in time I'll promise it'll look more appealing.
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